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Charpie Scholarship Program
Meet the Scholars

The Scholars

Charpie Scholars are dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and civic engagement in the Carnegie Mellon community and beyond. Find out what the Charpie Scholarship means to them, and check out the unique and amazing things they have done since joining the program.

Each Charpie Scholar uses their own unique talents to “make a difference to Carnegie Mellon, the nation and the world.”

Our Vision

Through the generous support of the Charpie family, the Carnegie Mellon Charpie Scholars aspire to substantively contribute to the university and Pittsburgh community through scholarship, leadership and civic engagement. Individually and as a collective, we strive to model strength of character, intellectual curiosity and a creative spirit in our work and our lives.


Our scholars strive for strong academic achievement, the hallmark of every Charpie Scholar.


Our scholars are leaders among their peers, and are given the opportunity to explore their personal leadership style based on their specific strengths.

Civic Engagement

Our scholars work hard to make a difference in the lives of others and have developed the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference in their campus communities.

Scholar Alumni

Charpie Scholars continue to make an impact long after they graduate from Carnegie Mellon. Take a look at what our alumni have been up to.

Charpie Alumni remain involved with the program even after graduation, and frequently act as mentors to current scholars.

About the Program

Charpie scholarships are awarded upon entrance to Carnegie Mellon to admitted students with exemplary academic record and promise of leadership potential. Throughout the course of their time on campus, Charpie scholars will engage in experiential and intellectual endeavors designed to cultivate their sensibilities as scholars.

The Charpie Scholars meet regularly as a group to dialogue special topics, and they also attend an annual fall retreat for personal and leadership development. Additionally, each scholar receives special leadership, professional, and travel opportunities, with the aim of ensuring the cultivation of a Carnegie Mellon experience uniquely tailored to their talents and ambitions.

The Charpie Scholars Advisory Board

All members of the Charpie Scholars program, if each so chooses, will have access to mentorship, career advisory, a robust alumnae network, and a meaningful community inside and outside Carnegie Mellon. These opportunities exist in addition to the on-campus principled leadership work which is part of the Charpie Scholars Program. The Advisory Board strives to enhance the value of the Charpie Scholarship, enabling Carnegie Mellon to attract bright and engaged students, who strive both for excellence and for making a positive difference in the world.

The Advisory Board works collaboratively with the Scholars and their faculty liaison to support them during and after their CMU experience.

Become a Donor

Eleven years ago, Dr. Robert Charpie established a scholarship fund at Carnegie Mellon for students who would, “make a difference to Carnegie Mellon, the nation and the world.” The Charpie Scholarship is made possible in part by the generosity of Beth and Bob Charpie, along with the rest of the Charpie Family. Dr. Charpie graduated from Carnegie Mellon with B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in theoretical physics. He recounted many times that the most important lesson learned throughout his career was the necessity to identify and attract profoundly intelligent people with equally strong leadership skills.

If you are interested in becoming a donor for the Charpie Scholarship, please email the Charpie Scholarship Trust.